Aluminium LED profiles are a popular and versatile product that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space while also providing functional benefits. We offer a diverse range of aluminium LED profiles that cater to different needs and preferences. Our aluminium LED profiles are made from high-quality, durable aluminum, ensuring longevity and reliability. We have a wide selection of profiles, from slim and low-profile designs to heavy-duty profiles for commercial use.


Our profiles also come in a variety of finishes and shapes, including corner and round profiles, providing customers with endless possibilities to customize their lighting design. Whether you're looking to install LED lights in your home or office, our website's aluminium LED profile category has something for everyone. We offer surface mounting, recessed mounting, and suspended mounting options, allowing customers to choose the best installation method for their specific needs.

On Request 3555531
LED Quantity 54 (900mm)
LED Spacing 16.67 mm
Luminous Flux RGBW: 425lm (900mm)
Input Voltage 48 V
On Request 3556515
LED Quantity 36
LED Spacing 25 mm
Luminous Flux 324lm (900mm)
Input Voltage 48 V
In Stock 3557501
LED Quantity 48 (900mm)
LED Spacing 15 mm
Luminous Flux RGBW: 340lm (900mm)
Input Voltage 48 V
On Request 3558101
LED Quantity 20
LED Spacing 25 mm
Luminous Flux 1760
Input Voltage 48 V

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