Reference: 7012100

Digital LED Cable 2x1 + 2x0.14

Reference: 7012100

The Digital LED cable consists of a combination of 2x1mm2 wires for power, and a 1x2x0.14mm2 for DMX signal.

Cable length
  • 100 m
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The Digital LED cable consists of a combination of 2x1mm2 wires for power, and a 1x2x0.14mm2 for DMX signal. Perfect for dynamic LED applications. The LED cables are available per roll (100 meters). Our professional LED cables are halogen-free in accordance with European standard IEC 60754-2. The outer sheath is provided with halogen-free thermoplastic material type TM7. Available in a black outer sheath.

Key Features

High-Quality and Versatile LED Cable

  • The LED Dimmer features a combination of 2x1mm² wires for power and a 1x2x0.14mm² wire for DMX signal, ensuring efficient transmission and reliable performance for dynamic LED applications.
  • This cable is equipped with five conductors, including red, green, blue, white (0.5), and black (0.75). The thicker conductor allows for jointing the plus or minus connections of the LED lighting, ensuring proper electrical connections.

Convenient Length and Sleek Design

  • The LED Dimmer cables are available in a practical roll format, providing a generous length of 100 meters. This allows for seamless and efficient installation in a variety of settings, accommodating different project requirements.
  • The LED cables are designed with a sleek black outer sheath, adding a touch of elegance to your LED lighting setup. The black color enhances aesthetics and ensures a seamless integration with various environments.
Product Numbers
7012100 100 m

General Length (m) 1
  Diameter (mm) 6.1
  Weight (g) 5400
  Core 2x1/2x0.14mm2 bare copperwires acc. IEC 60228
  Conductor Stranding 0.14 cores twisted to a pair, covered with polyester tape
  Number of Cores 4
  Housing Material Special halogenfree compound (TM7)
  Core Isolation Special halogenfree compound (TI6)
  Core Identification 0.14mm2 red/white 1.00mm2 red/white
  Cable Color Black
  Warranty 1 Year
Electronics Conductor Resistance 0.14mm²: max. 135 ohm/km - 1mm²: max. 19.5 ohm/km
  Operating Voltage (V) Max 50V
  Characteristic Impedance (1x2x0.14mm²) : ≈ 110 ohm
Environmental Halogen Free yes
  UV Constant yes
  Storage Temperature -30 ~ +70 °C
  Operating Temperature -10 ~ +70 °C
  Environment Indoor
Approvals CE
Logistics HS Code 8544499100
EU Declaration of Conformity 2011/65/EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) + 2015/863/EU
ETIM Classification EC003248 Power cable ≤ 1 kV, for permanent installation
Package Weight & Dimensions W x H x D (cm) 30.00 x 30.00 x 10.00
  Weight (kg) 0.00

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