OneEightyOne is more than LED products; we craft custom lighting systems. Our experts in design, engineering, programming and LEDs perfectly match your space, brand, and efficiency goals. We don't just sell lighting; we unlock your project' potential.

Facade Lighting

Bring buildings to life and create a true 'landmark'.


Transform facades from ordinary to extraordinary with OneEightyOne's innovative facade lighting solutions. Light is used as an artistic tool to accentuate architecture and create a dynamic, lasting impression. The creative interplay between structure, context, and purpose, crafting a custom lighting design that elevates your brand and captivates your audience.


With Facade Lighting, you display the right content at the right moment to passersby, from a color in the house style to dynamic patterns. 

Creative Lighting

Let all your ideas become reality with creative LED lighting. There are endless possibilies with our decorative lighting solutions: spheres, sticks, rings, tubes, curtains or create your own light object.

Dynamic Light Surface

Transform any wall or ceiling into a dynamic lighting artwork. Easily change scenes and always create the right ambience for clients or visitors, available in any shape and in functional static white light or in dynamic RGB or RGBW.

LED Shapes

LED shapes are a unique eyecatcher for on the wall or ceiling in any room.


Go beyond traditional lighting with OneEightyOne's customizable LED Shapes. Transform your walls and ceilings into breathtaking displays with our unique collection of pre-designed shapes, or collaborate with our team to create your very own custom LED shape. LED Shapes are more than just lighting - they're eye-catching conversation starters that add personality and vibrancy to any space.


Choose from one of our many shapes or create your own shape in collaboration with our team.​

LED Channels

LED channels are a unique addition to every space and are applicable in any way. From cove lighting to an entire grid on the wall or ceiling, everything is possible.


Transform wall, ceiling, furniture or object into an luminous whole. Because BackLight is placed behind a translucent surface, walls or ceilings are accentuated and the material seems to come to life.

Media Mesh

Lighting, media and architecture come together to create Imagic Weave, thé new definition of facade covering. We offer this Media Mesh solution in collaboration with the German Haver & Boecker.


''With our solutions we push the limit of what lighting can do''

Stefan Verhoef - Founder & Innovation Officer

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