Creative Lighting

Creative LED lighting: let all your ideas become reality

Experience light like never before

Light becomes an experience with OneEightyOne’s decorative lighting solutions. Think of our LED modules in the shape of spheres, tubes or rings: the applications are endless. Together we bring the most extraordinary creative ideas to life. 



Make an eyecatcher of light

OneEightyOne is a pioneer in the world of pixel-controlled LED lighting. In 2007 we were already the very first to create a 3D RGB pixel artwork that could be seen during the Amsterdam Dance Event. From that moment on we have carried out many creative ideas.

Make it unique with standard pixel products

To make it easy for you, we've standardized our favourite solutions. Take our globes, spheres with a diameter of 10 centimetres on an aluminium stick. Or our tubes or curtains, with which you create a 360-degree experience. Vary endlessly with shapes, colors and assembling for the perfect solution. Like we sometimes say: ‘Your own creativity is the limiting factor, because from a technical viewpoint everything is possible for us.’

Get to know our products even better

We have many other pixel products in our showroom. By combining different materials and LED products, surprising effects are created in a playful way. Come and visit us! Our toy box with LEDs and materials gives you the unique opportunity to try out how products respond to each other. This way you come to the best solution together with our lighting experts.

Your ideal product doesn’t exist yet?

We love a good challenge! It regularly occurs that we develop products from scratch. Think of a new shape, a different assembling method or another way of controlling. In consultation, we come up with the ideal solution for every specific project. Our product, hardware and software developers will create a product that meets your specific demands. With love, from Amsterdam.

Let your own product sparkle

Do you develop fixtures or (light) objects yourself and do you want to bring more dynamics into them? No problem! We like to provide input to make your design sparkle even more. Our pixel solutions are easy to integrate in the original products, as almost every shape is possible.


Contact Vivian to get to know more about Creative Lighting! 

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