Media Mesh

Media Mesh: lighting, media and architecture come together

The new definition of facade covering

We proudly present: Media Mesh. Lighting, media and architecture, Media Mesh combines it all! For this LED solution, we combine our knowledge with Haver & Boecker’s expertise in the field of metal woven mesh. The result: Imagic Weave. A transparent media facade. It appears that the Media Mesh is floating in front of your building without covering your entire building. This way, you certainly capture the attention of passers-by, and you optimally make use of the combination of media and architecture. In other words, Media Mesh is the talk of the town.

Capture the attention with the right content

Media Mesh enables you to display (video) content, moving patterns or subtle images on the facade. This way, the building can tell a story in an artistic and abstract way: the weather, an advertisement or just a nice atmosphere. The link with data is endless: traffic, temperature, Twitter messages, every link with data is conceivable. This is the facade of the future, are you with us?

Create a unique media experience

Our strength is to customize the Media Mesh and to deliver it as plug & play where possible. This way, it meets the specific requirements of the project and you take care of a perfect integration with the building. With this, you create a unique media experience as part of the architecture. For example, the choice of the pixel pitch and the colours of the LED light define the brightness, the resolution, the transparency and the visual appearance. This way, you take care of a unique solution which distinguishes your building from the others.

Discover how the mesh works

The German company Haver & Boecker produces and designs woven mesh with a modular structure. Therefore the Media Mesh can be easily produced in every size and shape, and there is no size limit: even covering a skyscraper is possible! Because the mesh is made of stainless steel, it’s resistant to all weather conditions. So the Media Mesh is perfect for outdoor use.

The addition of the LEDs

​When the metal mesh is delivered, OneEightyOne starts applying the LEDs. The click-on system ensures that the LED profiles can be attached in a simple way. It's up to you to decide whether the entire mesh is equipped with LEDs, or just a part of it. The LEDs can be controlled individually with a DiGidot C4 controller. You can easily transform the facade into a high-tech architectural video screen: the best in its class!


Personalise the Media Mesh

Do not hold back, be creative! You decide which look you want to create by choosing the format, profiles and the colour of steel. Play with the transparency of the Media Mesh and choose the resolution and type of mesh. Determine from which distance the images are clearly visible by choosing the right pixel pitch: everything is possible from a viewing distance from 15 meters to a few kilometres away. Enough options to personalise your Media Mesh.


Contact Danny to get to know more about Media Mesh!


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