A club feeling during your workout at Saints & Stars

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Saints & Stars is a next level experience for athletes. At Saints & Stars the most intense workout is possible. The vibe of the music in combination with the DiGi lighting gives every member the motivation to keep going. OneEightyOne has provided the lighting for two Saints & Stars locations, in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid and in Oud-West. The lighting, installed by us, provides a nightclub experience during your workout. Sometimes it almost makes you wonder whether you're no really at a club.

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'Club or gym? The luxurious atmosphere, deeply thumping subwoofers, state of the art light installation & epic LED experience almost make you doubt. Standing still is impossible.'

First Impression

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Kevin Kager

'It was a unique experience to install a super modern LED installation in an almost 100 year old church. It is also very cool to know that you are working on an installation that will contribute to people's fitness experience every day for years to come.'


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