A comfortable and impressive office feeling for Fortum

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  • Skandal Technologies & LDC
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Fortum is one of the leading energy companies in Europe, located in Espoo, Finland. For the new main office, they wanted to create a comfortable ambiance where staff members feel at home while it's something special for visitors. The tunnel feels magical, while being inviting and relaxing at the same time. The dynamic LED lighting we delivered - according to our plug & play policy - tops off this spatial experience.

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About the Project

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'I like this piece because it's immersive, it's reacting for the person's movement.'

Susanna Kallio

Head of Design - Design and Architecture Agency Kohina

From: Lighting Design Collective Youtube

The team
Edward van Vondel

'Fortum wanted the light to walk along with the visitors through the tunnel. Our dynamic LED products and DiGidot control are very suitable for this.'



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