Italian Pavilion Expo 2020


The EXPO, also known as the World's Fair or World Exposition, is a worldwide, well known established exhibition that has a rich history dating back to 1851. Renowned concepts such as the first telephone were exhibited for the first time on the World Expo. For the 2020 edition, hosted in Dubai, UAE, OneEightyOne was consulted by famous architect Carlo Ratti. The theme of EXPO 2020 was 'connecting minds, creating the future', a theme that fits seamlessly with the opportunities of LED lighting.

Team OneEightyOne was involved with constructing the Italy Pavilion, that was constructed by combining three large ship hulls. This resulted in a massive structure, of which we were tasked with supplying, installing and programming the LED lighting. To meet the international prestige of the World Expo, we have decided to go big. The pavilion is provided with large, robust ship ropes, to which we have connected more than 20,000 pixels of dynamic LED lighting. Those LED pixels were controlled with several DiGidot C4 controllers, which are the best option to maintain a project of a massive scale. Because these ship ropes were hanging alongside each other, these LED pixels formed some kind of LED screen, which can be used to display large, dynamic visuals in LED. The grand opening of the Italy Pavilion was a grand success, and it was one of the longest lasting exhibitions at the EXPO 2020. We are proud to have been a part of a project of such a stature and international allure as the EXPO 2020.

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