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The Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam is a historical icon of our city. The stadium was designed by architect Jan Wils, and was built especially in honor of the 1928 Olympics. The adjacent Marathon Tower bears the 'Olympic Rings': a symbol of cooperation between the five continents. The tradition of the Olympic flame actually started on top of this iconic tower.

Because the rings had been in use for almost a century, the time was ripe to renovate them. In honor of the 2022 Beijing Olympics, OneEightyOne has been commissioned by SDR Elektro to renovate the Olympic rings, which were originally illuminated by neon light, on the Marathon tower.

First, we disassembled the rings, then brought them to our workshop to provide them with NeonFlex LED lighting. After everything was installed, we mounted the Olympic rings on the Marathon Tower again. Thanks to the new LED lighting, the rings shine brighter than ever before, so we can support our Olympic athletes from a distance, with LED lighting.

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