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The 5 value added services we offer


OneEightyOne is your partner to collaborate in projects. Firstly we are a producer of dynamic LED lighting, but this isn't the only thing that we can do for you. Besides our large product range with high quality dynamic LED lighting, we also offer various value-added services that take your project to a higher level. With these services we support general lighting specialists and integrators. This way we can successfully complete projects of all sizes.

Different expertise

Because of the different expertise of our employees, we can always be of service to you. Our project department consists of project managers, manufacturing engineers, product developers, software developers, programmers, planners and technical support. Together we ensure that every project runs perfectly with our value-added services below. 

Solution design

Every project starts with defining the dimensions of the solution. In principle it's up to the client to supply us with the measurements. If necessary, OneEightyOne can do the on-site measurement for you. Our field engineers will measure and validate your location for installation with millimetre precision. After the measuring, we make technical drawings before the production starts and work out everything in detail on AutoCad and SolidWorks. Of course we also share the drawings with the client for approval before we continue the project. In addition to technical drawings, OneEightyOne can also make wiring diagrams and deliver assembly and installation instructions. In collaboration with our client we will decide which drawings are necessary for each project. 

Assisting with the installation on site

When the production is completed, we deliver the products to the client (when possible) plug & play. Now the installation can start and is, in many cases, provided by the client. However, in some cases it can be desirable that OneEightOne assists with the installation. We can assist with the start-up of the project or with the proper execution of specialist work. Our professional service engineers are highly skilled in all aspects of lighting installations and more.


Many of our installations are delivered with programmable control or even with complete media servers. To be able to play the right light images at the right moment, this equipment must be setup correctly. OneEightyOne is happy to help you with this. For example we can assist with the programming of various light scenes. It's also possible to set automatic triggers which ensure the right effect is played at the right moment, or that the light has the right brightness or is on/off at the right moment of the day. For us it's very important that the client and/or the architect is also present during the programming. This is because the visual alignment is something these stakeholders have a serious interest in.

Moreover we like to provide input for the integration of the lighting control in your building. We offer all kinds of solutions from simple to complex, that can meet your dynamic lighting needs. Think for example of a simple button panel on the wall or of a control through media servers. You can also choose a stand-alone system or a solution that is connected to a building management system. We will make it work.

Testing & Commissioning

After the project is installed and everything is connected correctly, the switch can be turned on. OneEightyOne offers a testing and commissioning service after the installation. This implies that the installation will be inspected by us before it is put into use. We check the entire system and evaluate whether everything is connected the right way. For each project we will evaluate whether testing and commissioning is necessary to release warranty on the materials.


When the installation is activated, it's important for all parties that it has the longest lifespan possible. In some cases an on-site service kit or a periodic maintenance visit can be a solution for this. In general most parts that we use are maintenance-free, but in some cases maintenance is necessary. For this we use several standard procedures depending on the project. We inspect and clean installation cabinets. Measure the light, heat and power when needed. We will also check the programming and software and consult with the client whether everything still functions as desired. 

Check with your account manager or project manager which of the value-added services mentioned above are applicable to your project or what the possibilities are.

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