GOBO Canvas

GOBO Canvas is designed and created as an interior lighting fixture. Inspired by the past, brought to life using the latest technologies in LED lighting and pixel control. GOBO Canvas is standard available in 2 sizes: 595 x  595mm or 1190 x 595mm. Don't hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a custom made GOBO Canvas. Max. size is 2900 x 1400mm.      *Packaging is required to deliver the GOBO Canvas. If you decide to pick the  GOBO Canvas up at our office you can select both options. 


  • 595x595mm
  • 1190x595mm
  • Maze
  • Pulse
  • Nest
  • Honeycomb

Reference NumberDownload Sheet
1819000595x595mmHoneycombAdd to cart 
1819100595x595mmMazeAdd to cart 
1819200595x595mmNestAdd to cart 
1819300595x595mmPulseAdd to cart 
18194001190x595mmHoneycombAdd to cart 
18195001190x595mmMazeAdd to cart 
18196001190x595mmNestAdd to cart 
18197001190x595mmPulseAdd to cart 

Data sheet

GeneralDepth (mm)82.5
 CoverPC opal cover
 Housing MaterialAluminum
 MountingSurface mounted
ElectronicsInput Voltage110 ~ 240V AC
 Power SupplyInternal
 Input Frequency50 ~ 60Hz
LightingLED TypeSMD5050
 Color RangeRGB
 Compatible ICsGS8208
EnvironmentalStorage Temperature-10 ~ +55 °C
 Operating Temperature+5 ~ +40 °C
 Ingress ProtectionIP40
Package Weight & DimensionsW x H x D (cm)59.50 x 59.50 x 8.20
 Weight (kg)5.50