Linear 54W

This OneEightyOne 54W Linear has a high output and is also very efficient. With various options (15º, 25º, 45º, 10x25, 12x49º), the fixture is suitable for both WallWashing and WallGrazing and is perfect for lighting elements up to 10 meters in height. The fixture is IP67 and IK08 and is supplied on low voltage (24V) using an external driver as well as in a 230Vac variant using a built-in driver. With a low-voltage fixture, 1 supply cable is used (power supply + data, 5 poles), with the 230Vac variant, 2 supply cables are used where data and power are separated (power supply M16 3-pole and data M16 5-pole ). The luminaire is supplied with mounting brackets and is available in one color, CCT and RGBW, for a custom configuration, actual use and other possibilities as a custom color for the housing, please contact our Sales team.


  • Cold White 5500K
  • RGBW3000K
  • Warm White 3000K
  • Neutral White 4000K
  • RGBW4000K
  • Tunable White 3000~6000K
  • 24V
  • 230V
  • 36V
  • 15°
  • 25°
  • 45°
  • 10*25°
  • 12*49°

Reference NumberDownload Sheet
3421501Cold White 5500K24V45°Add to cart 
3421502RGBW3000K24V45°Add to cart 
3421503Warm White 3000K24V45°Add to cart 
3421504Neutral White 4000K24V45°Add to cart 
3421505RGBW4000K24V45°Add to cart 
3421506Tunable White 3000~6000K24V45°Add to cart 
3421507Cold White 5500K24V15°Add to cart 
3421508RGBW3000K24V15°Add to cart 
3421509Warm White 3000K24V15°Add to cart 
3421510Neutral White 4000K24V15°Add to cart 
3421511RGBW4000K24V15°Add to cart 
3421512Tunable White 3000~6000K24V15°Add to cart 
3421513Cold White 5500K24V25°Add to cart 
3421514RGBW3000K24V25°Add to cart 
3421515Warm White 3000K24V25°Add to cart 
3421516Neutral White 4000K24V25°Add to cart 
3421517RGBW4000K24V25°Add to cart 
3421518Tunable White 3000~6000K24V25°Add to cart 
3421519Cold White 5500K24V10*25°Add to cart 
3421520RGBW3000K24V10*25°Add to cart 
3421521Warm White 3000K24V10*25°Add to cart 
3421522Neutral White 4000K24V10*25°Add to cart 
3421523RGBW4000K24V10*25°Add to cart 
3421524Tunable White 3000~6000K24V10*25°Add to cart 
3421525Cold White 5500K24V12*49°Add to cart 
3421526RGBW3000K24V12*49°Add to cart 
3421527Warm White 3000K24V12*49°Add to cart 
3421528Neutral White 4000K24V12*49°Add to cart 
3421529RGBW4000K24V12*49°Add to cart 
3421530Tunable White 3000~6000K24V12*49°Add to cart 
3421531Cold White 5500K230V45°Add to cart 
3421532RGBW3000K230V45°Add to cart 
3421533Warm White 3000K230V45°Add to cart 
3421534Neutral White 4000K230V45°Add to cart 
3421535RGBW4000K230V45°Add to cart 
3421536Tunable White 3000~6000K230V45°Add to cart 
3421537Cold White 5500K230V15°Add to cart 
3421538RGBW3000K230V15°Add to cart 
3421539Warm White 3000K230V15°Add to cart 
3421540Neutral White 4000K230V15°Add to cart 
3421541RGBW4000K230V15°Add to cart 
3421542Tunable White 3000~6000K230V15°Add to cart 
3421543Cold White 5500K230V25°Add to cart 
3421544RGBW3000K230V25°Add to cart 
3421545Warm White 3000K230V25°Add to cart 
3421546Neutral White 4000K230V25°Add to cart 
3421547RGBW4000K230V25°Add to cart 
3421548Tunable White 3000~6000K230V25°Add to cart 
3421549Cold White 5500K230V10*25°Add to cart 
3421550RGBW3000K230V10*25°Add to cart 
3421551Warm White 3000K230V10*25°Add to cart 
3421552Neutral White 4000K230V10*25°Add to cart 
3421553RGBW4000K230V10*25°Add to cart 
3421554Tunable White 3000~6000K230V10*25°Add to cart 
3421555Cold White 5500K230V12*49°Add to cart 
3421556RGBW3000K230V12*49°Add to cart 
3421557Warm White 3000K230V12*49°Add to cart 
3421558Neutral White 4000K230V12*49°Add to cart 
3421559RGBW4000K230V12*49°Add to cart 
3421560Tunable White 3000~6000K230V12*49°Add to cart 
3421561RGBW3000K36V15°Add to cart 
3421562RGBW3000K36V25°Add to cart 
3421563RGBW3000K36V45°Add to cart 
3421564RGBW3000K36V10*25°Add to cart 
3421565RGBW3000K36V12*49°Add to cart 
3421566RGBW4000K36V15°Add to cart 
3421567RGBW4000K36V25°Add to cart 
3421568RGBW4000K36V45°Add to cart 
3421569RGBW4000K36V10*25°Add to cart 
3421570RGBW4000K36V12*49°Add to cart 

Data sheet

GeneralLength (mm)1000
 Width (mm)55
 Height (mm)80.5
 CoverTempered Glass
 Housing ColorGrey
 Housing MaterialAluminum - AA 6063
ElectronicsPower Consumption (W)54
 Colour Rendering Index (CRI)80
 Luminous Flux
 Control UnitsSingle pixel
EnvironmentalStorage Temperature-40 ~ +70 °C
 Operating Temperature-30 ~ +55 °C
 Ingress ProtectionIP67
Package Weight & DimensionsW x H x D (cm)9.00 x 6.50 x 102.00
 Weight (kg)2.80