Linear Flex

This is a 20W 24V flexible luminaire, standard available in RGB, RGBW (3000K or 4000K) or Warm White (2700K). It contains 32 4in1 SMD LED's. CRI on this fixture is 80. Multiple optics are available; 15º, 25º, 45º or 10x60º (White and RGB) and 35º or 25x45º (RGBW). Adjustable brackets for fixation are included. Straight mounting clips are also available. Ingress protection IP67. Housing color grey or white. The luminaire can be adjusted on site and curved positions can be fixated by locking the hinge mechanism.


  • White
  • Grey
  • RGBW3000K
  • RGBW4000K
  • 32W
  • 25°
  • 35°
  • 45°
  • 25*45°

Reference NumberDownload Sheet
3423133GreyRGBW3000K32W35°Add to cart 
3423134GreyRGBW3000K32W25*45°Add to cart 
3423135GreyRGBW4000K32W35°Add to cart 
3423136GreyRGBW4000K32W25*45°Add to cart 
3423137WhiteRGBW3000K32W35°Add to cart 
3423138WhiteRGBW3000K32W25*45°Add to cart 
3423139WhiteRGBW4000K32W35°Add to cart 
3423140WhiteRGBW4000K32W25*45°Add to cart 
3423141GreyRGBW3000K32W25°Add to cart 
3423142WhiteRGBW3000K32W25°Add to cart 
3423143WhiteRGBW3000K32W45°Add to cart 
3423144GreyRGBW3000K32W45°Add to cart 
3423145WhiteRGBW4000K32W25°Add to cart 
3423146WhiteRGBW4000K32W45°Add to cart 
3423147GreyRGBW4000K32W25°Add to cart 
3423148GreyRGBW4000K32W45°Add to cart 

Data sheet

GeneralLength (mm)1000
 CoverTempered Glass
 Housing MaterialAluminum - ACD12
 MountingSurface mounted
 Weight (g)1700
 Cable Length (cm)20 cm
 ConnectorM12 - 3 pin
ElectronicsInput Voltage24 V DC
 Power SupplyExternal (not included)
 LED Quantity32
 LEDs per Pixel4
 Pixel Pitch125 mm
 Control UnitsMulti pixel
EnvironmentalStorage Temperature-40 ~ +85 °C
 Operating Temperature-20 ~ +65 °C
 Impact ProtectionIK07
 Ingress ProtectionIP67
 EnvironmentOutdoor, Indoor
Package Weight & DimensionsW x H x D (cm)119.00 x 4.00 x 5.00
 Weight (kg)1.70