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When you walk through the city in the evening, you will discover one surprise after another. Illuminated logos, digital clocks on top of flats or garlands with lights in the shopping streets. Everywhere you look, there’s light. Do you want to make your building stand out among all the others? OneEightyOne likes to provide input to create a sustainable lighting solution. For this we don't only think grand and creative, but we are practical as well. For outdoor LED solutions, we certainly take into account that everything has have a long lifespan. This assures you of a building that is enlightened attractively and that surprises you over and over again.

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Outdoor installations are often 'impossible' to replace. OneEightyOne therefore knows how important it is to think about the maintenance of our LED solutions in this branch. With our broad experience we always come up with an innovative solution that makes it possible to use the same installation for a long time. To make it suit your wishes perfectly, we customize this LED lighting completely. We deliver this custom-made solution plug & play, which makes quick and easy installation on location possible. Want to know more about how we work? View our contact page.

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