Bridge Kerkrade


The railway bridge in Kerkrade was built in 1925 by the Dutch Railway Company (NS). The bridge is located in the Locht district, and is one of the last bridges of its kind. During construction, the remains of an old road to Aachen, built by the Romans, were found.

As the bridge was in poor condition, the decision was made to renovate it. We were put up to the task to put the railway bridge in a new light for the municipality of Kerkrade, for which we collaborated with artist Diana Ramaekers to provide the railway bridge in Kerkrade with LED lighting.

We mounted customized brackets on the bridge, in which we installed the LED profiles. To honor the iconic status of the railway bridge of Kerkrade, we programmed the RGB profiles in the original, authentic colors of the bridge: uniting the old with the new.

About the Project

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