Reference: 4300500

LED Downlight 9W Module RGBW

Reference: 4300500

This is a recessed downlight module in RGBW CCT 3000K. The CRI of this module is ≥80. Beam angle is 24º.  The module should be combined with our Downlight Rings for a complete finish. Ingress protection IP54.

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RGBW breakout terminal
Downlight Splitter
UTP Connector
LED Downlight Ring Arc 70mm White
LED Downlight Ring Arc 90mm White
LED Downlight Ring Deep 90mm White
LED Downlight Ring Arc 70mm Black
LED Downlight Ring Arc 90mm Black
LED Downlight Ring Deep 75mm Black

Wire code explained:

Wire color // LED color:

- Orange = Green +
- Orange White = Red +
- Blue = White+
- Green-White = Blue +
- Green = Green -
- Brown = White -
- Brown-White = Red -
- Blue-White = Blue -

The controller (not included) has the the following terminals:
- DC+ (Here connect a DC power supply with 3 to 46V output)
- DC- (Here connect a DC power supply with 3 to 46V output)
- V+ Here connect all V+ wires of the downlight (Orange + Orange-White + Blue + Green-White)
- R = Brown-White
- G = Green
- B = Blue-White
- W = Brown


RGBW LED specs (CREE XML-C Color)
The standard current recommended for this downlight is 350mA. Using a higher mA (max 1050mA) will result in more heat and a shorter lifetime, this is not recommended for permanent use. 

R: 2.25v - 2.6v 350mA
G: 3.3v - 3.9v 350mA
B: 3.1 - 3.7v 350mA
W: 3.1 - 3.7v 350mA
Max voltage: 13.9V
Max wattage: 13.9V * 350mA = 4.865W

When using multiple lights they need to be connected in series.
For example we use the Ltech R4-CC:
- 4 channels (RGBW)
- Max 48V per channel
- Max output capacity = 193.2W
- Max output voltage per channel = 48V
The maximum voltage per channel may not exceed. The. green LED have the highest voltage (=3.9V). This means when using 48V power supply, 48V / 3,9V = 12 RGBW fixtures in series connected to one LTECH R4-CC.

To calculate the power consumption: 12.9V * 4.865W = 62W total max. R4-CC can handle max 192W.

To calculate the voltage of the power supply: 

Highest. voltage per fixture 3.9V * 12 fixtures = 46.8V.
So a 48V power supply is needed. 

Using a higher current (not recommended)
13.9V * 700mA = 9,730W
12 (fixtures) * 9.730W = 116.8W (can work on 1 R4-CC)
13.9V * 1050mA = 14.595W
12 (fixtures) * 14.595W = 175.14W (can work on 1 R4-CC)

Downloads Specifications
General Length (mm) 65
  Diameter (mm) 50
  Weight (g) 85
  Cover Transparent
  Housing Color Grey
  Housing Material Aluminum
  Warranty 3 Year
Lighting Color Range RGBW
  LED Type Cree SMD5050 XM-L 4in1
  Optics (°) 24
  Luminous Flux 945 lm
  Colour Rendering Index (CRI) 80
  Color Temperature (Kelvin) 3000 K
Control Number of Channels 4
  Control Units Single pixel
Electronics Input Voltage 0 ~ 13.9 V DC (max)
  Power Consumption (W) 9
  Luminous Efficacy 105 lm/W
  Power Supply External
  LED nominal current at CC (mA) 700
Environmental Ingress Protection IP54
  Environment Indoor
Approvals CE
Logistics HS Code 8539510000
EU Declaration of Conformity 2014/30/EU Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC)
  2011/65/EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) + 2015/863/EU
Package Weight & Dimensions W x H x D (cm) 8.00 x 19.00 x 6.50
  Weight (kg) 0.34

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