LED Neonflex Side Bend

Neonflex Side Bend is a versatile and durable lighting solution made of high-quality silicon. With an IP68 rating, it's perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, ensuring complete protection against dust and water. There are 5 different kind of shapes to choose from: 0816, 1010, 1616, 1121 and 1128. Available in  White  (144 LED's/m),  Tunable White  (120 LED's/meter) and  RGBW  (72 LED's/meter). All operating on a 24V system. Enjoy up to 50,000 hours of bright, efficient lighting. Ideal for creating vibrant, eye-catching displays or subtle ambient lighting. Price is mentioned per meter, with a standard cable length of 1 meter with bare wires on one entry side.


  • RGBW
  • Ultra warm white 2200K
  • Warm White 2700K
  • Adjustable White
  • White (5000 K)
  • White 3000K
  • Neutral White 4000K
  • 1616
  • 1128
  • 1121
  • 1010
  • 0816

Reference NumberDownload Sheet
3167321Ultra warm white 2200K1010Add to cart
3167322Warm White 2700K1010Add to cart
3167323White 3000K1010Add to cart
3167324Neutral White 4000K1010Add to cart
3167325White (5000 K)1010Add to cart
3167331Ultra warm white 2200K0816Add to cart
3167332Warm White 2700K0816Add to cart
3167333White 3000K0816Add to cart
3167334Neutral White 4000K0816Add to cart
3167335White (5000 K)0816Add to cart
3167351Ultra warm white 2200K1121Add to cart
3167352Warm White 2700K1121Add to cart
3167353White 3000K1121Add to cart
3167354Neutral White 4000K1121Add to cart
3167355White (5000 K)1121Add to cart
3167356Adjustable White1121Add to cart
3167357RGBW1121Add to cart
3167371Ultra warm white 2200K1616Add to cart
3167372Warm White 2700K1616Add to cart
3167373White 3000K1616Add to cart
3167374Neutral White 4000K1616Add to cart
3167375White (5000 K)1616Add to cart
3167376Adjustable White1616Add to cart
3167377RGBW1616Add to cart
3167391Ultra warm white 2200K1128Add to cart
3167392Warm White 2700K1128Add to cart
3167393White 3000K1128Add to cart
3167394Neutral White 4000K1128Add to cart
3167395White (5000 K)1128Add to cart
3167396Adjustable White1128Add to cart
3167397RGBW1128Add to cart

Data sheet

ElectronicsInput Voltage24 V DC
EnvironmentalSafety StandardsEN60598-1:2015+A1:2018, EN 60598-2-20
 EnclosureIEC 60529
Package Weight & DimensionsW x H x D (cm)38.00 x 3.00 x 38.00
 Weight (kg)0.40