This is OneEightyOne

Born from the love of light

Our CIO Stefan Verhoef was 11 years old when he started to boost birthday parties and school events with his ‘disco set’. As a teenager, Stefan pumped up beach parties and other festivities with more advanced sound and light systems.  


Around 2005, when LED light appeared on the scene, he immediately saw the infinite possibilities and opportunities. He started combining LED with the operating systems he had already developed himself, lifting LED lighting to a new level. It proved to be his ticket to the exciting Amsterdam nightlife.  


Stefan technically executed the light designs for the hottest clubs, like Sinners and Club Air. He took the night and light experience beyond expectations. Lighting projects for offices and retail outlets followed soon. Before he knew it,  Stefan was leading his new company, InventDesign. A magnet for smart lighting fanatics who wanted to work in the front line of LED lighting. 


Now Stefan’s company counts over 40 employees and bears the name OneEightyOne. Still based in Amsterdam, but also holding offices in Dubai and Hong Kong. The name honors the elusive light colour 181 which he used at every party he threw when he was a kid. Ironically, this blue-purple is one of the hardest colors to create using LED light…   

Being passionate about what you do, that's what working at OneEightyOne is all about. With all our disciplines combined, we always create the most amazing solutions.

Our office and workshop are located at 'De Schinkel' in Amsterdam. You will easily find where to be because of the huge signing on the facade.

From Amsterdam with love! From Amsterdam with love!

Our people

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We are a cheerful bunch of curious and talented people, lightly obsessed with light. Are you truly ‘light-headed’, technically savvy, and eager to create, develop or even invent high-quality lighting solutions? Would you like to work on inspiring and prestigious (international) projects? Do you fancy an account management role, marketing position, or any other role? Let’s meet! Check out our current job opportunities or send us an unsolicited application right now.

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