Facade lighting: bring buildings to life

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Create a landmark


With Facade Lighting you turn your building into a true landmark. Bring a building to life and create an icon and a point of orientation. Play the most fantastic light shows or choose for a minimalist approach. No one will just walk on by.

Smart integration in the building

A good technical design is very important for Facade Lighting. The sooner you think about this during the building process, the better. Involve us at an early stage and we will help you save costs! For example, we make sure that we keep the cable penetrations to a minimum and we offer other smart solutions. 

Facade lighting on lighthouse in The Bahamas

A suitable system for everybody

We are a leader in the development of decentralized and central systems. In decentralized systems, the power supplies are processed on the facade. With a central solution, the power supplies and controllers are mounted at a central location and from there the cables go to the fixtures. We develop these high-tech solutions 100% in-house and, if necessary, custom-made for each project. 

Quality over maintenance

Maintenance is often difficult with huge installations on facades. That’s why we only use products of the highest quality. By combining the carefully selected components we prevent unnecessary maintenance.  

The right content

You are always in control of what is played and when it's played. In general, you set up the facade lighting in advance. The possibilities for linking to data sources are also endless. Think of a fade-in just before sunset or showing different content when the temperature changes. Do you prefer to set up the content quickly? Then take control via the app for smartphone, tablet, laptop or media server. With this app you can change scenes at every desired moment.

The technology of the future

OneEightyOne offers technologies which make remote management possible. With this the system can for example indicate when maintenance is required. Make strategic decisions based on important data, such as ambient temperature, sunlight and burning hours. For example when the sun shines on the facade, the LED light can be turned off, or the light must be on in order to be brighter and clearly visible.

Choose the right product for your project

We use different direct view products for Facade Lighting. This way, pixel-controlled solutions, like modules or DiGi profiles, are often applied for outdoor lighting of buildings. Wall washers and grazers are also suitable for Facade Lighting. For a seamless integration, we check which products match best with the facade and the design. We also have suitable products in our range for lighting up a building.


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