Retail & Stand Design

From tiny cosy shop premises to big international chains and from fair stands to food trucks: LED lighting ensures that you stand out. However, you obviously want to keep the costs under control. That's why we provide input to realize the most effective LED solution possible. With a unique lighting design you distinguish yourself from the competition. This way you attract more customers to a store, stand or food truck, and that’s good for the revenue. Whatever LED solution fits best in your space, we will do everything to seamlessly match the design to all wishes.

The right partner

A custom-made LED solution for every store, stand or food truck that will certainly attract customers. OneEightyOne always empathizes with your situation. With our years of experience, we build every design from scratch. Think for example of LED screens at the entrance, or LED lighting that draws the attention to certain products. We would also like to provide input regarding the ease control of the LED installation, regardless its complexity. This assures that the staff hardly has to worry about the lighting. Our plug & play installations also ensure a quick installation on location. Do you want to know more about how we work? View our contact page.

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