LED screens: real eyecatchers, indoor and outdoor

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Bring content to life


Moving content always draws attention. With LED screens you therefore provide a real eyecatcher for indoor and outdoor. Create an impressing experience and elevate content to moving art in a digital way. This way you will leave an unforgettable impression. 

Can't miss it!

A good LED screen, you can't ignore it. Convey the right message or ambiance easily. Art, advertisements, the news or a huge live show. Static or video content. Everything is possible. And also razor sharp. 

Make it easy for yourself

With a program on your computer, you can easily set the content that you want to display in advance. Manage this easily with the agenda function. This way the content automatically changes every day, every hour or every minute to the content that you set for that time. Changing content is always possible, just as displaying live video input on the LED screens.  

Shine with your interior

With dynamic content on your LED screen you transform every space into a true experience. Indoor LED screens are easy to place in any desired space. For an unforgettable impression. 

Capture the attention of passers-by

Outdoor LED screens are specially adjusted to the weather conditions outside. These robust and reliable LED screens are clearly visible, even in sunlight. For outdoor LED screens we often use a bigger pixel pitch than for indoor screens, because there is often a larger viewing distance. Use attractive content and you can’t stop looking. 


Your wishes come first when creating the design. Size, shape, location and circumstances - define everything yourself. Combine separate modules and get a seamless end format that can have all shapes and sizes. Cylinder or waved screens? No problem! We translate your input into a technical design for a suitable LED solution. 

Plug & play

OneEightyOne likes to think along with you. We understand there is not much time for installation at busy places. That's why we deliver LED screens plug & play to reduce the installation time to a minimum. 


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