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The plug & play solutions of OneEightyOne


Working efficiently is what OneEightyOne likes to do. That's why we deliver all our lighting solutions as plug & play where possible. To be able to do so, we will of course listen to your ideas. What would be your perfect result? We translate these creative ideas into a technical custom-made solution. We understand that you would prefer to use this customized lighting solution very quickly. To make it as easy as possible for you, we will deliver this plug & play where possible. This way every installer can connect the LED solution easily and efficiently. Especially on busy locations it is important that the lighting solution can be installed as quickly as possible. 

Easy to install on location

OneEightyOne is a producer of custom-made lighting solutions. That's why we like to do the 'difficult' work for the client by delivering our solutions plug & play. We believe that the client should only have to assemble and install on location and should not have to solder. Our specialism is soldering, so our LED specialists like to do that for you. Besides, it's easier to find installers than LED specialists, because you don't need special knowledge for mounting. We can supply clear connection diagrams and installation instructions from our CAD software. Because of this, even installers who don't speak Dutch or English can still easily understand how to mount the LED installation. 

Quicker than on location

Our advanced workshop and broad portfolio of semi-finished products make it possible to have a short delivery time. Because of the modern tools and machines that the LED specialists use in our workshop, we make the lighting solution for your project ready for installation in a short amount of time. The time we are working on a plug & play solution in our workshop, is always shorter than when we would customize it on location.  

Tested thoroughly

In our workshop we always test orders thoroughly. Our research shows that most malfunctions occur within the first 48 hours so that's why we always perform a 48-hour testing procedure for the lighting solutions we prepare for plug & play.   

Our engineers will work on every detail of a project including a testing procedure. By doing so, we prevent as many practical problems as possible. Think for example of a voltage drop when using too long LED lines. Because of our years of experience with LED solutions, we know how to avoid possible issues well before shipping our solutions to our costumers.   

What we prepare for plug & play

Many of the lighting solutions that we prepare for projects, are plug & play. For example we can make LED profiles in a custom length. We will mount the LED strips and solder cables and connectors to project specifications. Additionally we can also provide complete control cabinets and installation boxes for easy installation on site. Our installation boxes can be custom fitted with power supplies, controllers and easy plug & play connectors. Of course we deliver everything according to standards and guidelines, which ensures that you are guaranteed of a safe plug & play solution.  

OEM Service

OneEightyOne also delivers serial OEM solutions. These products are perfect for integration in other products, machines or objects. Moreover, we have a lot of experience with collaborating with other manufacturers. A manufacturer can for example contact us to collaborate with them as partner for a specific part. In that case we start a research & development project to come to the right lighting solution. Thereafter, we develop the LED solution further to create a solution that can be used for all these parts in the same way. We are happy to tell you more about the collaborations and co-creation solutions we have created for our other clients. 

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