BackLight: transform every surface into a luminous unity

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Accentuate every surface


BackLight transforms your wall, ceiling or other objects into a luminous unity in a subtle way, because it is always placed behind a translucent surface. Let the material come to life by integrating the light in the design completely. So the light is there, but it’s not immediately noticeable.

Bring every space to life

BackLight gives a pleasant ambiance to every space and is both functional and decorative, it’s suitable for every interior. We offer endless options in terms of size, dynamic and color to ensure that BackLight always matches the desired ambiance. Think for example of varying static white light into dynamic colored light, or covering the entire ceiling or just a part of it.  

Room illuminated with neutral led backlight

Experience natural light quality

With BackLight it seems like natural daylight is shining into the space. The LED light shines through the translucent surface softly and evenly, is glare-free and doesn’t contain any flickering. Shadows are excluded, because the entire room is enlightened with BackLight. We also take care of the right amount of lux. This way you don’t just benefit from a beautiful design, but also from the highest light quality. 

Choose the material yourself

OneEightyOne takes care of the right BackLight solution by applying panels, strips or other innovative light carriers. Furthermore we’d like to advise you on the choice of the right translucent material. Test various translucent materials yourself with our samples.

Do you already have a translucent surface to place in front of your BackLight yourself? Visit us and try out your material in combination with the BackLight lighting. A (printed) cover, opal glass, acrylate and marble plates in various designs, it's all possible. 

Control BackLight easily

Every BackLight solution is dimmable and if desired adjustable in colour. You can easily control the lighting with for example a simple remote control, by integrating it with a building management system or with DiGidot through an app on your phone or tablet. Make it easy for yourself and set scenes at preset times, or to let the scene change, for example, with sunrise or sunset. 

Unlimited possibilities

BackLight solutions are available in every size and can be combined endlessly. Big, small, straight, round or bound: almost anything is possible. 

Plug & play

We deliver BackLight solutions as plug & play where possible to make it as easy as possible for the installer. A fully integrated BackLight is within reach. 

Want to know more about the plug & play of OneEightyOne? Read more in our reads.


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