Beam 54W

This 54W floodlight is available in 24V or 230V, and in RGBW (3000K or 4000K), Warm White (3000K), Neutral White (4000K) or Cold White (5500K). All options contain 24 SMD LED's. CRI on this fixture is 80. Multiple optics are available; 8º, 15º, 25º, 45º, 60º. Brackets for mounting are included. Ingress protection IP67. Housing color grey.


  • Cold White 5500K
  • RGBW3000K
  • Warm White 3000K
  • Neutral White 4000K
  • RGBW4000K
  • 24V
  • 230V
  • 10°
  • 15°
  • 25°
  • 45°
  • 60°

Reference NumberDownload Sheet
3427301Cold White 5500K24V45°Add to cart 
3427302RGBW3000K24V45°Add to cart 
3427303Warm White 3000K24V45°Add to cart 
3427304Neutral White 4000K24V45°Add to cart 
3427305RGBW4000K24V45°Add to cart 
3427306Cold White 5500K24V15°Add to cart 
3427307RGBW3000K24V15°Add to cart 
3427308Warm White 3000K24V15°Add to cart 
3427309Neutral White 4000K24V15°Add to cart 
3427310RGBW4000K24V15°Add to cart 
3427311Cold White 5500K24V25°Add to cart 
3427312RGBW3000K24V25°Add to cart 
3427313Warm White 3000K24V25°Add to cart 
3427314Neutral White 4000K24V25°Add to cart 
3427315RGBW4000K24V25°Add to cart 
3427316Cold White 5500K24V60°Add to cart 
3427317RGBW3000K24V60°Add to cart 
3427318Warm White 3000K24V60°Add to cart 
3427319Neutral White 4000K24V60°Add to cart 
3427320RGBW4000K24V60°Add to cart 
3427321Cold White 5500K24VAdd to cart 
3427322RGBW3000K24VAdd to cart 
3427323Warm White 3000K24VAdd to cart 
3427324Neutral White 4000K24VAdd to cart 
3427325RGBW4000K24VAdd to cart 
3427326Cold White 5500K24V10°Add to cart 
3427327RGBW3000K24V10°Add to cart 
3427328Warm White 3000K24V10°Add to cart 
3427329Neutral White 4000K24V10°Add to cart 
3427330RGBW4000K24V10°Add to cart 
3427331Cold White 5500K230V45°Add to cart 
3427332RGBW3000K230V45°Add to cart 
3427333Warm White 3000K230V45°Add to cart 
3427334Neutral White 4000K230V45°Add to cart 
3427335RGBW4000K230V45°Add to cart 
3427336Cold White 5500K230V15°Add to cart 
3427337RGBW3000K230V15°Add to cart 
3427338Warm White 3000K230V15°Add to cart 
3427339Neutral White 4000K230V15°Add to cart 
3427340RGBW4000K230V15°Add to cart 
3427341Cold White 5500K230V25°Add to cart 
3427342RGBW3000K230V25°Add to cart 
3427343Warm White 3000K230V25°Add to cart 
3427344Neutral White 4000K230V25°Add to cart 
3427345RGBW4000K230V25°Add to cart 
3427346Cold White 5500K230V60°Add to cart 
3427347RGBW3000K230V60°Add to cart 
3427348Warm White 3000K230V60°Add to cart 
3427349Neutral White 4000K230V60°Add to cart 
3427350RGBW4000K230V60°Add to cart 
3427351Cold White 5500K230VAdd to cart 
3427352RGBW3000K230VAdd to cart 
3427353Warm White 3000K230VAdd to cart 
3427354Neutral White 4000K230VAdd to cart 
3427355RGBW4000K230VAdd to cart 
3427356Cold White 5500K230V10°Add to cart 
3427357RGBW3000K230V10°Add to cart 
3427358Warm White 3000K230V10°Add to cart 
3427359Neutral White 4000K230V10°Add to cart 
3427360RGBW4000K230V10°Add to cart 

Data sheet

GeneralWidth (mm)203
 Height (mm)230
 Diameter (mm)180
 CoverTempered Glass
 Housing ColorGrey
 Housing MaterialAluminum - ACD12
 MountingSurface mounted
 ConnectorM16 - 5 pin
ElectronicsPower Consumption (W)54
 LED Quantity24
 LEDs per Spot24
 Colour Rendering Index (CRI)80
 Luminous Flux3180lm (RGBW3000K)
 Control UnitsSingle pixel
EnvironmentalStorage Temperature-40 ~ +70 °C
 Operating Temperature-30 ~ +55 °C
 Impact ProtectionIK07
 Ingress ProtectionIP67
Package Weight & DimensionsW x H x D (cm)35.00 x 25.00 x 20.00
 Weight (kg)3.80