Creating an unforgettable experience that will exceed your guests' expectations. You can take care of this yourself because light influences the mood and emotions of guests and visitors to a great extent. OneEightyOne is happy to help make optimal use of LED light in a creative way. This way we can create a suitable ambiance for your restaurant, bar or hotel together. We know that it’s important to leave an amazing impression on guests. Think of the right amount of light per room, or of smooth transitions of colours or lighting patterns. No matter how big or small the LED solution is, the guests’ experience is our priority. 

The right partner

Every hospitality facility is different, we realize that all too well. That's why we make custom-made LED solutions, specially adapted to all wishes. With our years of experience, we design the most impressive and decorative lighting solutions. Think of indirect cove lighting, an extraordinary chandelier or dynamic LED lines to decorate a space. The control that we offer is particularly suitable for this branch. Automation for example ensures that the correct light image is set for the correct time. By listening to you carefully, we come to an optimal realisation together, that fits your hospitality concept perfectly. Want to learn more about our work process? Visit our contact page. 

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