EvenLight: ceiling and lighting become one

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Create a design statement


Something very different than a conventional ceiling with spots: EvenLight exceeds all expectations. Transform a ceiling into a luminous surface in a minimalistic way. From offices to hotels and from stations to retail premises, with this high-tech light box you create a design statement in every space. You immediately feel at ease because of the soft and even light. 

Comfortable light quality

Like natural daylight shining into the space. You instantly calm down. EvenLight illuminates the entire space glare-free without shadow effect. Moreover, full spectrum LEDs ensure that objects are displayed in their true color. 

Discover how EvenLight works

EvenLight consists of a combination of many LED light sources, a fine diffuse cover and a sturdy aluminium lightweight frame. The cover ensures that the LED light shines through softly without the light source being visible. We take care of the right amount of lux to enlighten your space optimally. The light box is not only a design statement for every space but is also very functional. 

Easy to install, control and maintain

OneEightyOne delivers EvenLight plug & play. Hang it and plug it. It's that easy. It can be controlled with a simple remote control or it can be part of a fully integrated building management system. The light box is easy to maintain, because the carefully selected quality components are all replaceable. Are you in a creative mood? Then it’s possible to print the cover with every print you'd like. 

Tune EvenLight to your space

Our specialty is the customisation of LED solutions. In collaboration, we perfectly adjust the set up and sizes. A seamless integration of this high-tech light box with the environment is guaranteed. 

EvenLight is a good alternative for a stretch ceiling - quick and easy to install and modular in nature. By linking multiple EvenLight units, you can quickly transform enormous surfaces into an evenly lightened ceiling. 

More technical specifications

Color: natural white
Color temperature: 4000K
Power consumption: 2.8W per led strip
Input voltage: 48V


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