GOBO Canvas: THE high-tech wall decoration for every location

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Capture the attention in every space


An interior that stands out. The authentic design of the GOBO Canvas creates an artistic ambiance in every space. For this dynamic LED solution we applied the latest LED lighting and pixel-control technologies. Together this forms THE high-tech wall decoration of this moment. 

Stand out with your interior

The GOBO Canvas is a true light artwork that is suitable for every space. Hang it on the wall or on the ceiling and impress your clients or customers. This eyecatcher is the ideal interior lighting that immediately captures the attention. 

Full control

It's entirely up to you, which scene is played on the GOBO Canvas. With an app on your phone you can easily change the dynamic light. This way the light looks exactly how you want. With the calendar function it's also possible to set up a scene in advance for a certain moment. 

Discover how the GOBO Canvas works

The GOBO Canvas consists of an aluminium lightweight frame filled with digitally controlled multi-color LED's. The plate of opal glass with an aluminium pattern on it has perfect dimming and ensures subtle fades between scenes. 

Plug & play

OneEightyOne delivers this solution plug & play. Hang it, plug it and it's ready for use. How easy! Want to know more? Check out our reads

Personalise to your taste

Create the pattern that you want. Stripes, boxes, triangles or even a logo: the possibilities are endless. You can also customise the frame in every RAL color. Every size and shape are possible for the canvas or go for one of the standard sizes. 


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