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Offices and schools come up with more and more creative solutions to keep their staff and students satisfied. Do you want to turn your workspace into the most amazing and inspiring place? OneEightyOne is happy to help. Whether it's a lighting solution in the functional or in the decorative atmosphere, we can do it! Go one step further than slides or ping pong tables by choosing a light object that never gets boring. The light effects adapt to every moment of the day and can be different every day because of the various programming. This way you create a different ambiance for every moment of the day: for meetings, for reading a textbook or for working on your laptop. 

The right partner

Creative and functional applications of LED light which attract both staff and visitors. OneEightyOne is happy to help you realize this, for both large and small offices. With our broad experience we always find a suitable solution that gives your office or school an original and inspiring ambiance. Think of an eye-catching LED in the welcome hall, or dynamic LED lines as finishing touch of a space. The possibilities are endless. Together with you, we can come up with an application of LED that seamlessly matches all wishes. To make this perfectly suitable for the office or school, we then customize this design. Want to learn more about how we work? Visit our contact page. 

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