A lighthouse as an icon of Ocean Cay on the Bahamas

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Think of white beaches, palm trees and a turquoise sea. That's what you will find on Ocean Cay, a beautiful island of The Bahamas. In the 60's and 70's, this artificial island was created for mineral extraction purposes. MCS Cruises has been leasing the island for over 100 years now and has completely converted it into a resort for the guests of their cruises. To turn this lighthouse into real entertainment, OneEightyOne designed and installed pixel-controlled LED lighting for it, which now displays amazing lightshows.

About the Project

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'The combination of engineering and creativity came together to create something truly magnificent!'

The Department

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The team
Robin Sluis

'The most unique project I ever worked on. The final result was awesome: with bare feet in the sand and a drink in our hands we could admire the light shows when we were done!'


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