Nice to meet you. We are OneEightyOne, lightly obsessed with light. Technically speaking we focus on dynamic lighting, customized light solutions and off-the-shelf products (many of which we have invented ourselves). But our real business is helping you to create the right vibe, the right experience.

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Our projects are crafted with love, made with passion.
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'Evolutie' a Naturalis exhibition
The exhibition 'Evolutie' for Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden features a 3.7 billion year old stone. When touched, a sensor triggers the light installation to start, creating an immersive aud ...
International style with dynamic LED lighting in Club Munch
In Club Munch everyone's guilty pleasures are played every night. The colorful and dynamic light in the dark club halls certainly ensures you to keep partying all night.
A dynamic lightshow designed by UNStudio for C&A Eindhoven
The dynamic lightshow created by Arnout Meijer on the facade of the C&A in Eindhoven surprises all passersby. The light breaks into different lanes, so the most beautiful scenes can be played.
Indoor and outdoor lighting for AFAS
For the gigantic AFAS office in Leusden a different ambiance was created for every space. You find our LED lighting on the facade and in the theatre, atrium and restaurant.
Much pink for Pink Gellac
Pink Gellac opened her first brand store and of course for this they wanted to go all-in. The brightly colored lighting which you'll find all over the store perfecly matches the image of this store. ...
Creative light art meets the Amsterdam Light Festival
For the annual Amsterdam Light Festival we have contributed several times to the technical development of the most special light artwork which could be seen in and around the Amsterdam canals.
An art installation designed by OMA for And& Festival
For the innovative And& Festival in Leuven we were asked to deliver the lighting for a temporary artwork. This artwork around the district heating consisted of LED lines, both inside and outside. ...
Not a regular bicycle storage in Amsterdam
To turn the bicycle storage into a quiet and safe space, OneEightyOne was asked to take care of the lighting in the ceiling islands and on the walls.
Triangles in the blue color of Samsung
To make the store attractive for passers-by, OneEightyOne delivered LED triangles which are hanging in the shop window. These blue triangles match perfectly with the Samsung style.
A luxurious appearance for the W Hotel
With dynamic lighting and the right content, the luxurious appearance of the W hotel is optimally visible. A unique solution that has never been done this way before.
A lighthouse as an icon of Ocean Cay on the Bahamas
A lighthouse completely covered with LED modules as icon of Ocean Cay on the Bahama's. This pixel-controlled lighting makes it possible to show the most impressive light shows.
Instagrammable rooms in Cityhub Hotels
With the innovative hotel concept of Cityhub you sleep in so-called 'hubs', where you can create every ambiance you like because of the LED lighting. This instagrammable hotel room goes around the wor ...
A club feeling during your workout at Saints & Stars
At Saints & Stars the most intense workout is possible. The vibe of the music in combination with the DiGi lighting gives every member the motivation to keep going
Creating a connection in the Kalverpassage
To create a connection between the visitors and the brands, OneEightyOne developed and placed a circular LED screen in the Kalvertoren. On this LED screen, stores advertise their brand.
Create the ultimate shopping environment or an inviting office atmosphere. Transform a huge façade into an eye-catching media screen. No matter the technical complexity, we made it simple.
We reinvented our favorites and turned them into plug and play solutions. The easiest way to set the right experience.